Transform and query the world’s data for a web3.0 future

Why We’re Here

Every blockchain team has a need to process and query data quickly

The thriving Polkadot/Substrate community is going to need a service that allows them to reliably find and consume data faster. For the web3.0 dream to be realised, it’s got to be as fast (if not faster) than centralised networks for the end user.

The Solution

SubQuery enables better dApps by making decentralised data more accessible

Our service will allow users to extract, transform, persist, and query data initially, as well as connect and present data in the future.

SubQuery will be a core piece of infrastructure for the Substrate/Polkadot ecosystem.


  • SubQuery Nodes

    Open source SDK that allow users to generate their own SubQuery project, defining how the indexer should traverse and aggregate their own protocol. We’ll provide command line tools to run SubQuery nodes that support GraphQL queries. With the help of these open source tools, anyone can query their protocols easily.

  • SubQuery Hosted Services

    Don’t worry about running and managing production SubQuery nodes, we’ll manage it for you. Access our public SubQuery projects or upload your own to use our high performance nodes for a better user experience. We’re going to focus on managing indexing servers so that you don’t have to.

  • The SubQuery Token

    We are going to make our service transparent by saving all usage data to our chain. Our participating parties will be able to stake for rewards as incentives. We’ll also issue a governance token to provide stability to the chain and to allow the community to influence our direction and roadmap.

Who are We

Built by the experts at OnFinality, a leading blockchain infrastructure platform.

We make it easy for blockchain teams and users to launch nodes and get access to a large range of blockchain protocols.

We have relationships with the top Polkadot/Substrate teams, expertise in managed infrastructure hosting for the Substrate/Polkadot network, and the ability to deliver complex infrastructure projects and host them for production use.

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